Our Story

Out of darkness light was born. Our story of how Lumin was born.

My son, Danté, was two years old when he was diagnosed with cancer (Leukemia). The battle for survival lasted almost four years. We were devastated, the horror of seeing your child fighting for his life, it was so intense that I couldn’t even cry. I was a single mother of a tiny human being fighting a disease that could take his life.

One night, when I felt I didn’t have the strength to continue anymore, but also knowing that I had to be strong for Danté’s sake, I prayed to God to show me the light. The next morning I woke up filled with inspiration to paint Lumin (“light”). A year later she was brought to life in the book “Lumin finds the Lighthouse“.  A book dedicated to all the brave little fighters and their families.

Lumin Foundation is the corporate responsibility of Lumin Empire and all profits from Lumin Empire goes towards assisting families of children suffering from cancer as I know only too well that the journey can be cruel with many sacrifices and hardships.

I firmly believe that God has given me a clear vision to build a children’s clinic in South Africa that will bring state of the art therapies to the most vulnerable little persons suffering from illnesses and diseases in our country.

Please join me in the journey to make this calling a reality.

 A mother who will never give up hope.