Lumin Finds The Light House

Order our “Lumin finds the Light House” book here. All our funds go directly to our dream to build a Clinic for children suffering from illnesses and diseases. As well as our outreach projects, bringing relief and education to the families fighting cancer in the hospital. We take balloons, cupcakes, toys, massage therapists for the parents because they are stressed and in pain. When we have enough funding we would like to give financial relieve in whatever is needed so the parents can focus on the needs of the child.

“Dear friends, if you do not try, you will never know what you can achieve. The fear you hold within is causing you to lose sight of what is important. Learn to walk by faith and not by sight, and life will grant you the world”

Imagination  “Innocent hearts, dreams come true. As magic comes alive in me and you. Eyes of wonder to the world they see. Telling stories filled with glee. Imagination roams within their soul. Even after strife leaves a hole. Frogs and snails or a little pink bow. Princesses, sword fights and dragons they know. With every passing day when all looks bleak. Fantasy enchanted brings hope unique. Whimsical curiosity lifts the spirit. Hope for tomorrow comes along with it.”

Complete the below form to order your Lumin finds the Light House book.  As soon as we receive your order request, we will then be in contact with you. Thank you for making your contribution.  Love & Light