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“Just remember, Lumin, that the sun will kiss your cheek in the day, and the moon will caress your hair at night.  That is how you will know you are never alone.” “So the next time you feel scared and lost, just close your eyes and feel that feeling deep inside. That feeling is called Faith. That tiny voice you hear that says “you can”, that is called Hope. Hope makes you cross canyons and ride on the back of owls. Faith sends the fireflies in the darkest nights. Hope is having Faith in the things you cannot see.”

Our Lumin Team

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All donations go directly to our Dream to build a Clinic for children suffering from Cancer and bringing relief and education to the families fighting cancer in the hospital. We take balloons, cupcakes, toys, massage therapists for the parents because they are stressed and in pain. When we have enough funding we would like to give financial relieve in whatever is needed so the parents can focus on the needs of the child. Your donation can make this dream come true. Click on the link below and complete the donation form.