Lumin Paintings

All inspiring Lumin Paintings of Lumin on her journey, bringing hope and light to children suffering from cancer and the families who love and support them.

“The girl, he named Lumin meaning light,  put her on the earth so that they could watch her grow, just like their love. “So, you’re saying that my mom is the moon, and my dad is the sun?” Lumin asked puzzled. “That is exactly what I’m saying” the keeper replied. “But what is my purpose, then?” “Your purpose, my dear, is to help those around you. Bring in the light where there is darkness. Help them to never be afraid because when we are afraid, it stops our hearts from seeing the light. You must remember that we all see with our hearts. You need to teach and show everyone around you, jy and happiness, but also, you need to be there for them when they feel sad. Help them find their way”